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The Governing body
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1 NETTER Albert Permanent founding Chairman France
2 NETTER-LAMBERT Alice Permanent founding Chairman France
3 PELISSIER LANGBORT Clara Permanent founding member, ESG Past Chairman France
4 SERFATY David Permanent founding member, Vice-Chairman France
5 HOANG NGOC Minh Permanent founding member France
6 BOUCHARD Philippe Honour Chairman France
7 ALMEIDA SANTOS Ana de Honour Chairman Portugal
8 CALAF Joachim Past president Spain
9 FOIDART Jean-Michel General Secretary Belgium
10 ALMEIDA SANTOS Teresa, MD, Ph.D General Secretary Portugal
11 GRIMARD Anne Treasurer France
12 GASPARD Ulysse Assistant Treasurer Belgium
13 MOREIRA Margarida Treasurer Portugal
14 SEDBON Eric Editor Website France
15 BARRI Pedro N. Vice-Chairman Spain
16 BITZER Johannes Vice-Chairman Switzerland
17 DEQUESNE Jacques Vice-Chairman Switzerland
18 GENAZZANI Andrea R. Vice-Chairman Italy
19 MEDEN Harald Vice-Chairman Switzerland
20 NISOLLE Michelle Vice-Chairman Belgium
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