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Dear friends and colleagues,

Here is Sharing-Obgyn.

SHARING-OBGYN is a service that I intend to share with you. The idea is to send one short email message a day concerning an article that appeared recently and might be of interest to you.

The selection of the articles is arbitrary, but there are no commercial interests involved and no conflict of interest.

Serge Rozenberg, MD Brussels





Breast Cancer, Women's health N° 711
Breast Cancer N° 709
Women’s health N° 708
Breast Cancer N° 707
Menopause, Women’s health, Quality of life N° 706
Women’s health, prolapse, incontinence N° 705
Osteoporosis N° 704
Menopause, WHI and breast cancer N° 703
Breast Cancer N° 702
Vitamin D and Women's health N° 701
Women's health, Breast Cancer, Smoking N° 700
Breast Cancer N° 699
Breast Cancer N° 697
Endometrial cancer, screening, Postmenopausal bleeding N° 696
Cancer, Women's health N° 695
Women’s health N° 694
Osteoporosis and Breast cancer N° 693
Osteoporosis N° 692
Breast Cancer N° 691
Osteoporosis, Breast Cancer N° 690
Osteoporosis N° 689
POI N° 688
Exercise and breast cancer N° 687
Menopause N° 685
Oncology, women's health N° 684
Women's health N° 683
Women's health, menopause and cancer N° 682
Breast Cancer N° 681
Breast Cancer screening and mortality N° 678
Osteoporosis N° 676
Obstetrics N° 675
Obstetrics N° 674
Osteoporosis N° 673
Women's health N° 671
Endometrial cancer and menopause N° 669
Women's health N° 668
Obstetrics N° 667
Osteoporosis N° 666
Retropubic versus Transobturator Midurethral Slings for Stress Incontinence ? N° 665
Osteoporosis and breast cancer N° 664
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