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Prenatal and Postpartum Depression in Fathers and Its Association With Maternal Depression ?
Paulson & Bazemore (JAMA. 2010;303(19):1961-1969) conducted a Meta-analysis to describe point estimates and variability in rates of paternal prenatal and postpartum depression over time and its association with maternal depression. Studies that reported identified cases within the selected time frame were included, yielding a total of 43 studies involving 28 004 participants after duplicate reports and data were excluded. Substantial heterogeneity was observed among rates of paternal depression, with a meta-estimate of 10.4% (95%CI, 8.5%-12.7%). Higher rates of depression were reported during the 3- to 6-month postpartum period (25.6%; 95% CI, 17.3%-36.1%). The correlation between paternal and maternal depression was positive and moderate in size (r = 0.308; 95% CI, 0.228-0.384). No evidence of significant publication bias was detected. Prenatal and postpartum depression was evident in about 10% of men in the reviewed studies and was relatively higher in the 3- to 6-month postpartum period. Paternal depression also showed a moderate positive correlation with maternal depression.

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