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Leslie, et al (Ann Intern Med November 2, 2010 vol. 153 no. 9 580-586) assessed the changes in physician prescribing behavior after introduction of absolute 10-year fracture risk reporting in Manitoba, Canada. Absolute fracture risk reporting reclassified more women (32.7%) into lower-risk categories than into higher-risk categories (10%). This effect was more prominent in women younger than 65 years. Fewer women per physician were prescribed osteoporosis drugs after introduction of absolute fracture risk reporting. The absolute fracture risk reporting system was associated with an overall reduction in osteoporosis medications dispensed (adjusted absolute reduction, 9.0 percentage points [95% CI, 3.9 to 14.2 percentage points]; relative reduction, 21.3% [CI, 9.2% to 33.5%]; P < 0.001). The reduction was attributed to fewer drugs dispensed to women at low and moderate risk for fracture.
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