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Aim of the congresses of the European Society of Gynecology

The aim of the congresses of the ESG is to gather the European gynecologists and obstetricians and those of the Mediterranean countries, inviting them to a scientific and clinical comparison around the topics of functional and organic gynaecology and obstetrics, taking again the various diseases of the pelvis and the breast, from a clinical point of view, including fundamental research.
The clinician of ground will find there syntheses allowing him a fast levelling of his knowledge in the various fields of functional gynecology and endocrinology of the reproduction, as well as of senology.
The congresses of the ESG have an international vocation and gather the best European specialists in the various concerned domains.

Aim of the Days Alice and Albert Netter

The Days Alice and Albert Netter of the European Society of Gynecology are organized successively in various European countries.
The purpose are to reinforce the links between the ESG and the organizing national societies of gynecology and obstetrics, to support the exchanges and to familiarize the gynecologists and obstetricians of a country, with the progressive structuring of a current of medical gynaecological thought of European scope.
European leaders of opinion and those of the country concerned are invited to exchange their points of view on a specific topic and to confront their expertises and their opinions.

Our next congresses

  • Albert Netter meetings
    09-11 oct 2014
    Capri (Italy)

Our past congresses

  • 1st Congress (Algarve - Portugal / November 3-5 1995)
    Organizer: Pr Agosthino de Almeida Santos
  • 2nd Congress (Göttingen - Germany / October 30 - November 1 1997)
    Organizer: Pr Walter Kühn
  • 3rd Congress (Bruges - Belgium / October 28 - 30 1999)
    Organizer: Pr Karl Thomas
  • 4th Congress (Barcelona - Spain / October 25 - 27 2001)
    Organizer: Pr Joachim Calaf
  • 5th Congress (Rhodes - Greece / 2003)
    Organizer: Pr George Creatsas
  • 6th Congress (Helsinki- Finland / June 2 - 4 2005)
    Organizer: Pr Olavi Ylikorkala
  • 7th Congress (Paris - France / October 10 - 13 2007)
    Click here to download the programme and the abstracts
    Organizers: Dr Clara Pélissier-Langbort and Dr David Serfaty
  • 8th congress (Roma, Italy / 10 - 13 Sept. 2009)
    Organizer : Pr Andrea Genazzani
  • 9th congress (Copenhagen, Denmark / 8-11 sept. 2011)
    Organizer: Pr Sven O. Skouby
    Congress website
  • 10th congress of the ESG (Brussels, Belgium / 19-23 sept 2013)
    Congress website
Past A Netter meetings
  • Albert Netter meetings (Coimbra, Portugal / 2002)
    Organizer : Pr Agostinho de Almeida Santos

  • Albert Netter meetings (Liege, Belgium / 5-6 march 2004)
    Organizer : Pr Jean-Michel Foidart
    Download the programme
    View the abstracts

  • Albert Netter meetings (Barcelona, Spain/ 26 – 27 mai 2006)
    Organizer : Pr Joachim Calaf

  • Albert Netter meetings (Algarve, Portugal, 31 oct - 1er nov 2008)
    Organizer : Pr Ana Teresa Santos
    Download the programme
    View the abstracts

  • Albert Netter meetings (Paris, France, 13 - 14 oct 2010)
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